WEDGE is web comic about an incarcerated teen named Ace. She's one of the most promising pupils of the Vert Institute, a facility that receives special defense funding to manage at-risk youth with a special viral mutation. Wendy, the program's director, grew to love Ace deeply as she became a young woman before Wendy's eyes. Our story begins with Ace, now 19 years old, preparing to put her abilities through a painful test (Demo Day) that will hopefully grant her freedom. 

However before all of this happens Ace wants one thing: her first kiss. 

WEDGE was happily made by an all-female team. The story was produced and written by Ari Fitz, illustrated by Marina Floreo and colored by Caitlin Leigh Skaalrud. The team is working on the next WEDGE "book" with plans to release late February.

HUGE special thanks to all patrons who support WEDGE and make it possible on Patreon! This includes Patrice Scott, Becca Murray, Carla Moreno, Kylie Reed, Marcia H., Rolly O., SugarZ, Aliyah Godwin, Itenoria, Ju Pacifico, Harley Macias, Shaquanda Fairley and many many more.