Thank You, Oakland

i’m sitting in a starbucks in downtown LA as i upload this. no real roots here yet, at least none that come with reliable wifi. everything that i own is divided between a few suitcases, which i refuse to unpack because i knew the airbnb i booked for the month was temporary. i knew my time there […]

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in case, you don’t know how much i love WHICHKIM by this point, here’s another one. when i saw this marble print on her campaign, i knew i needed to get weird with it and rock my new vans checked shirt too. see everything below & you can learn more about her campaign by clicking HERE.

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my good friend, dahae kim, of WHICHKIM is in the middle of a kick ass campaign for her new 2-in-1 bomber jackets. so of course – before leaving for los angeles – i popped by her studio to try them on. here’s what her basic fit jacket looks like when you wear a baby pink denim […]

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  The beautiful people at ASOS asked me about TOMBOYISH and well, I had a lot to say. Here’s a snippet:   “Why do you think it’s so important for girls to be able to dress in a masculine way and not have to adhere to traditional girlie get up? Well, let me start with this: when I get […]

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the curvy tomboy lookbook is coming

one thing i’ve struggled with for a while is being able to capture every shape, size, color, etc within this “TOMBOYISH” spectrum. with limited resources and time, it was always easiest to simply style a lookbook featuring me and my body and give you all my style advice that way.   but, i’m the last […]

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the ultimate tomboy

i go through so many phases and changes with my style. it’s funny i do this now, because i definitely did not feel much like a fashion person when i was adjusting my cobalt FELT blue dress that i wore on my 16th birthday. fashion will always be fun, experimental and weird to me. i’ve pushed […]

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all summer sixteen in the bay.

my last few days in the bay area, i’ll be basking in this lack of heat. ya know, just me and my twelve coats loving life. outfit details below.     ASOS Tan Biker Jacket: http://bit.ly/22MUCPT Camouflage Skinnies: http://bit.ly/25KyESI Vintage Big Black Boots: http://bit.ly/1tf6E8Z Vintage Camouflage Light Jacket: http://etsy.me/24utGUj Long Sleeve Graphic Tee: http://bit.ly/1Un1a1r

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le sigh

yoooooo! so i busted my ass while shooting the launch editorial for this little blog & photographer TING caught every last second. #TheseShoesWillEndMe

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tokyo inspired shoot

recently went on a tour around the world practically – i called it my vibes tour – and finally got a chance to visit tokyo. i’ve never been so inspired in 48 hours in my life. so much so, i grabbed my favorite bay area photographer, TING, to shoot a quick shoot styled by yours […]

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i wore shorts today.

shorts have always perplexed me. exactly which cut works for my body? what length do i like more than anything? what are my knees going to do with all that air? the list of questions goes on. have i found answers, yet? nope! but i put together a quick collection of outfits that shows how […]

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today’s ootd

basically me pretending it’s not summer and hot AF outside. create the look with the outfit details below. ASOS Chelsea Boots: http://bit.ly/1ZsRwP9 H&M Light Denim Jeans: http://bit.ly/1TSsEg1 Tan Suede Shearling Coat: http://bit.ly/1RVNo45 White Hoodie: http://bit.ly/28goxEc Etsy Jewelry: http://etsy.me/1YbNAUw Thrifted Denim Cap: http://bit.ly/1Ob4lNs

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