Finding Yourself in Recycled Clothing

i found a piece of myself in a thrift store. i would buy these ridiculous outfits from this thrift shop – not the cute kind you’ll find littered in west hollywood where it’s $80 for a band tee. no, the kind of place you’ll find in small towns across the U.S. with $1 bins and soiled erotica novels. […]

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Introducing Myself in Profound Aesthetic

i’ve met a lot of new people lately. industry people, beautiful people, folks that could change my life with a phone call. that’s just LA for you. what i’ve noticed almost immediately is how quickly my style introduces me before i get a chance to – the assumptions, the ideas, the associations others take from giving […]

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The Personal Uniform in Topman

i always loved the idea of a personal uniform. alexander wang, karl lagerfeld, anna wintour and her bob, zuckerberg, steve jobs, hell… kanye. almost all of them have a “go-to”, a uniform, an aesthetic that is iconically them. i envied that, especially as someone who’s identity gets caught in the fabric of her #ootds, there’s something comforting […]

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No Limits in Wasteland

i always felt limited on what i could wear as a woman, as a black person, as a queer person, as a “tomboy”, as a (insert whatever identifier that fits)…. before it was wearing too much menswear and appearing too masculine, or wearing too much streetwear and appearing too urban – which like what the fuck does that […]

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Going Through Changes in OAK NYC

the move to los angeles has been an exciting and weird one. the first thing that changed almost immediately was the way i got dressed in the morning; the way i wanted to express myself and tell the world who i am before i spoke. i find myself taking an interest in form, in fabric, […]

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Thank You, Oakland

i’m sitting in a starbucks in downtown LA as i upload this. no real roots here yet, at least none that come with reliable wifi. everything that i own is divided between a few suitcases, which i refuse to unpack because i knew the airbnb i booked for the month was temporary. i knew my time there […]

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in case, you don’t know how much i love WHICHKIM by this point, here’s another one. when i saw this marble print on her campaign, i knew i needed to get weird with it and rock my new vans checked shirt too. see everything below & you can learn more about her campaign by clicking HERE.

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my good friend, dahae kim, of WHICHKIM is in the middle of a kick ass campaign for her new 2-in-1 bomber jackets. so of course – before leaving for los angeles – i popped by her studio to try them on. here’s what her basic fit jacket looks like when you wear a baby pink denim […]

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  The beautiful people at ASOS asked me about TOMBOYISH and well, I had a lot to say. Here’s a snippet:   “Why do you think it’s so important for girls to be able to dress in a masculine way and not have to adhere to traditional girlie get up? Well, let me start with this: when I get […]

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the curvy tomboy lookbook is coming

one thing i’ve struggled with for a while is being able to capture every shape, size, color, etc within this “TOMBOYISH” spectrum. with limited resources and time, it was always easiest to simply style a lookbook featuring me and my body and give you all my style advice that way.   but, i’m the last […]

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the ultimate tomboy

i go through so many phases and changes with my style. it’s funny i do this now, because i definitely did not feel much like a fashion person when i was adjusting my cobalt FELT blue dress that i wore on my 16th birthday. fashion will always be fun, experimental and weird to me. i’ve pushed […]

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i wore shorts today.

shorts have always perplexed me. exactly which cut works for my body? what length do i like more than anything? what are my knees going to do with all that air? the list of questions goes on. have i found answers, yet? nope! but i put together a quick collection of outfits that shows how […]

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today’s ootd

basically me pretending it’s not summer and hot AF outside. create the look with the outfit details below. ASOS Chelsea Boots: H&M Light Denim Jeans: Tan Suede Shearling Coat: White Hoodie: Etsy Jewelry: Thrifted Denim Cap:

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